You don't have to hear the dentist with sedation dentistry

At Wanniassa Dental Surgery, our goal is to provide appropriate dental services in the most comfortable environment possible. The great majority of services will be provided under local anaesthetic (LA), however, sometimes no anaesthetic is required at all.

Occasionally, due to the difficulty of the procedure or the presence of severe dental phobias, your dentist may recommend IV sedation. Our dentists provide this procedure at off-site accredited health facilities within the ACT, in accordance with strict ACT Health guidelines.

Many apprehensive patients can be comfortably treated with oral sedatives and “happy gas” instead of IV sedation, significantly reducing the cost of treatment and allowing treatment within our state of the art facilities at Wanniassa Dental Surgery.

If you’re based in Canberra and Tuggeranong area and surrounding suburbs such as Wanniassa, Macarthur, Gowrie, Erindale, Kambah, Gilmore and Monash and want to know what kind of sedation will be required (if any) for your dental treatment, call our friendly team today on 02 6231 0001. With years of experience in the industry, we have the knowledge and expertise to answer any and all of your questions.

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