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State-of-the-art dental equipment

Our experienced dental practitioners service patients of all ages throughout Canberra and Tuggeranong area and surrounding suburbs such as Wanniassa, Macarthur, Gowrie, Erindale, Kambah, Gilmore and Monash. And with our state-of-the-art equipment, you can rest assured that, at Wanniassa Dental, you will receive the highest-quality dental treatment available. 

Offering treatments beyond preventive care, Wanniassa Dental is a full-service facility. To better serve you, our modern facilities are designed to efficiently complete your required treatment in comfort. We offer digital x-rays, dual screen surgeries, CEREC (1-day crowns) and IV sedation or nitrous oxide happy gas.

The immediate accessibility of digital x-rays and the dual screens in surgery allow our dentists to thoroughly explain patient diagnosis and treatment options. This gives you ultimate peace of mind by ensuring that you’re aware of everything involved with your treatment. 


Wanniassa Dental Surgery also offer the most up-to-date animation of procedures and treatment options which is personalised for individuals. This animation (presentation) assists in a clearer understanding of treatment available and the process involved.


With the availability of the high-tech CEREC CAD/CAM crown system, you only need to make one visit for the application of a crown. Additionally, for the anxious patient, we provide the option of light sedation with happy gas or heavy sedation (IV sedation). We do everything we can to make sure that your visit to us is as pleasant as possible by using the most modern dental methods available.

Modern technology for modern dentists in Wanniassa and Canberra 
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